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Super Chewer versus Heavy Chewer

As pup parents, we understand that it can be hard to find fun toys for pups that crush all that is plush. This is why we created not only one but two options depending on your pup’s level of destruction! With our Heavy Chewer and Super Chewer option, there is no doubt that you came to the right place? Now you have a new problem. Which one is paw-fect for your master of disaster? 

Our Heavy Chewer Program is a free pupgrade to any BarkBox subscription that delivers our most durable toys available with that month’s theme. The durability does vary but we pawmise it will be toys that last longer than the average. These toys consist of stronger materials such as puncture resistant fabrics (like ballistic-grade nylon) instead of plush. Heavy Chewer BarkBoxes are for those pups that always seem to find that the most vulnerable part of any toy and then commences the pawfect de-fluffing symphony! 

If the Heavy Chewer still doesn't sound like a challenge to your pup, no worries, we aren't afraid! We have our Super Chewer pupgrade. These toys are better suited for pups who ruv to run their toys through the wringer! We are so committed to toughness that we were sure to test these toys on wolves! Turns out they all consist of wolf-approved durability! If your dog defeats a toy, we'll send you another for FREE

The Super Chewer BarkBox comes with an additional cost depending on duration of subscription*:

  • 1-month ($39/month) 
  • 6-month ($34/month) 
  • 12-month ($29/month) 

Check out Nokia from Wolf Creek Habitat below challenged by one of the Super Chewer interactive toys! 


If we still have you scratching your head with the pawesome options, we have pup ambassadors that would love to guide you! Bark at us via phone or text at (855) 520-BARK (2275) or by SNIFFING HERE.

*Prices subject to change

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