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What is Super Chewer?

The Super Chewer BarkBox is our longer-lasting toy experience for powerful pups. These boxes contain heavy duty chews, all-natural treats, and challenging, super-durable toys that you can't find together anywhere else.


The toys are tough, but the plan is easy! With our subscriptions, the longer you commit, the lower the monthly cost. The Super Chewer plan prices are as follows*:

  • 1 month- $39/month
  • 6 month- $34/month
  • 12 month- $29/month

And if your dog still defeats a toy? Two things:

1) Wow. You got yourself a beast, bro!
2) We'll send you another for FREE!

Whatever your dog’s happiness or durability needs, we’re ready to go the extra round.


We know what you’re thinking: “Sure, this box sounds tough, but come on, BarkBox.  Is it strong enough for a wolf?

Answer: Yes. It’s strong enough for a literal #^$%ing wolf.


This is Koda the Wolf from Wolf Creek Habitat, taking on a durable toy from Super Chewer!


If you are a new subscriber, you can find out more info and sign up for the Super Chewer BarkBox option by SNIFFING HERE!

If you have an existing subscription and would like to find out more information on upgrading to Super Chewer, bark at us via phone or text at (855) 520-BARK (2275) or by SNIFFING HERE.


*Prices subject to change. Also, you probably shouldn’t own a wolf as a pet.


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