Frequently Arf'ed Questions

Is there an option for pups who need tougher toys?

Chew better believe it!

We have a free Heavy Chewer option for pups who need more durable toys. While no toy is indestructible, these toys should last longer thanks to reinforced stitching and stronger materials.

We’ll switch up the toys sometimes, to make sure your pup isn’t getting the same time-tested rubber toy each month. Some toys might have a fabric covering, but you can rest assured that they’re still some of our toughest toys out there!


If your pup is in need of this free upgrade, give us a bark! Whether it’s via phone, email, online chat, text or Facebook chat, we’re always here to lend a paw. :-)

If you find that the Heavy Chewer toys still aren't durable enough for your dentally-dominant dog, check out our Super Chewer subscription! No matter how tough your World Chompion may be, we’ve got the toys to give them a challenge.


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