Frequently Arf'ed Questions

Where is my order?

Glad you asked! 
Upon purchase, a BarkShop order typically takes about 2-8 business days to pawcess and land in your pups paws. Once your order hits the road, Gus from BarkShop will shoot you an email letting you know that the order is en route and will provide a tracking number! Canadian orders often take around 4-12 business days to be received. At this time we only have tracking available up to the border, our apawlogies! 
Please note that tracking may take up to 1-2 business days to go live on the USPS or DHL websites! If you do not see any tracking after this timeframe, please email us at or chat with one of our pup ruvin' experts on
Did you only receive half of your order? The other half is likely on the way! Lucy from BarkShop typically sends you an email whenever additional tracking links become available, but if you have items in your paws and there's no trace of the rest of your shipment, just give us a shout! 


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