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Do you have a BarkBox for dogs with allergies?

Yup, we sure do! Every BarkBox is wheat, corn and soy free, so if your pup has those allergies you are all set!

We have a special allergy-friendly BarkBox for pups who are allergic to beef, chicken and turkey. The edible goodies in this BarkBox will not contain any of the above ingredients to help keep your pup's sensitive tummy happy! 

Because we have such a diverse subscriber base with equally diverse needs, we're unable to make additional modifications to this BarkBox, but please be sure to let us know if your pup has other needs you'd like us to take into consideration for future offerings. We're always eager to learn what makes your pup's tail wag!

Shoot us an email at and we will make sure your pup gets our allergy-friendly BarkBox.



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