Frequently Arf'ed Questions

Where can I reorder an item I received in a BarkBox?

Have you heard of our brand new BarkShop? If you go to, you can see the most recent items that were in the past boxes and you can reorder your favorites for $5 flat rate shipping or FREE US shipping over $35. 

You can also reorder on the go!  All you need is a cell phone and a set of opposable thumbs (pups, ask your humans nicely.)  Just text 484-696-2275 with the codes of the items you’d like. You can find them beneath the product descriptions on the back of the info card in your pup's BarkBox this month!

You can order as many or few products as you'd like and we'll bill the credit card we have on file with your account and ship everything with $5 flat rate shipping. 

Having a pawblem with this? Shoot us an email at and we'll lend a paw!

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